Driving Human Performance

Industry leaders in Human Performance for Sport, Military and
the Performing Arts. Welcome to Fusion Sport.

Driving Human Performance

Industry leaders in Human Performance for Sport, Military and the Performing Arts. Welcome to Fusion Sport.



No Limits to Success

SMARTABASE is more than just an Athlete Management System – it’s a powerful and customizable Human Performance Platform. No matter where your organization is on your human performance optimization journey we can help take you to the next level.


One stop shop to manage ALL your data and save valuable time

Stunning reports for athletes, coaches and management   

Real integrations with any of your existing systems 

Customization toolkit so you can change things anywhere at anytime 

Fitter, Faster, Stronger

In elite sport accuracy is everything. The SMARTSPEED timing gate system is the industry leader in multi-lane wireless timing and reactive training. Our SMARTJUMP technology perfects safe and effective plyometric training.


Multiple system options to meet your needs

Accuracy that is second to none   

Wirelessly controlled with your own mobile device

100 pre-programmed drills for all areas of performance

Trusted by the biggest and best teams in the leagues! 

English Premier League


With sold out events across North America and Asia Pacific in 2018 we’re please to announce the dates for our 2019 Human Performance Summit.  This October we’ve lined up some incredible speakers and experts in the fields of elite sport, extreme sport, tactical precision-performance and human performance optimization.

October 4 & 5, 2019
US Ski and Snowboard Center of Excellence, Park City Utah

October 24 & 25, 2019
The Gabba, Brisbane Cricket Ground, Queensland, Australia

Fusion Sport has been involved in the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference for a number of years. In 2015, we took home the Alpha award for “technology most likely to impact sport on a global basis”. In 2018, Fusion Sport and Partners were guest presenters at the conference.

View all of the presentations from the 2018 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

What They Say

Join the thousands of other elite sport, military and performing arts professionals using SMARTABASE and SMARTSPEED to be READY to win


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