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We travel because we want our kids to be better world citizens

 In today’s society with rising nationalism, political divide and cultural misunderstandings it is important to expose our children to different cultures, beliefs and societies. We hope this will make them smarter, more understanding and more accepting of others in today’s world.

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Starting in Bali in January 2019. We plan on travelling from one end of Asia to the other before heading to Europe into 2020. Keep up to date with destinations, attractions, transport options, accommodation and money saving advice as we go!

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Things to do in Jakarta Ancol with teens and tweens

Jakarta seems to be a place in Indonesia that most travellers avoid and after spending some time there, we have no idea why more people don't explore Jakarta. While there is not a great amount to do in the Jakarta city centre we had an awesome time in Ancol...a piece...

Our mind-blowing Prambanan Temple tour

Instagram you cheeky thing. You have yet again shown me pictures of a place that cannot be believed until you see it with your own eyes. I was completely not ready to be blown away by the sheer size of the Prambanan Temple complex and at the massive structure that...

A Bandung trip with teens & tweens

Bandung Indonesia is located just 165 kilometres from the capital of Jakarta. In reality Bandung could be on the other side of the country due to the differences in the two cities. One is wrapped in the sea and the other in steep mountain terrain. On your Bandung...

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