Aaron Paul, <em>Breaking Bad</em>

Watch the First Teaser Trailer for the Breaking Bad Movie

Be sure to mark your calendars for Jesse Pinkman's return!

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TV Show Recommendations

  • The Family

    The Family

    2019 | Netflix

    Conspiracy theorists are all over this docuseries about a secret Christian organization that's pulli (more…)

  • Isaiah Johnson, Akili McDowell; David Makes Man

    David Makes Man

    2019 | OWN

    The life of a black teen in Florida is brilliantly portrayed in this visually captivating drama from (more…)

  • Danny Brown, Danny's House

    Danny's House

    2019 | Viceland

    Rapper Danny Brown hosts this weird talk show in the vein of Comedy Bang Bang!

  • Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu as Simone,  Kirby Howell-Baptiste, <em>Why Women Kill</em>

    Why Women Kill

    2019 | CBS All Access

    This dark comedy shows how women's roles have changed from the '60s to now, but no matter the time p (more…)


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