Bodmin Beacon



The Lions Club of Bodmin is part of Lions Clubs International, (the worlds largest service organisation).

Our Motto "WE SERVE"

We organise & help with events around the Bodmin area, we raise money to help both locally & internationally.

Please link to the various pages for more detail.



Below is our President for 2018-19  Lion Dave Truran having just recieved the chain of office from outgoing President Derek Williamson.

Dave isn't asleep, he's dreaming of the good year ahead.

What a year he had! so good in fact Dave is staying on as President for 2019-20
Lets Hope he has another good year leading to our 50th anniversary next April



Contact Information

President: Dave Truran  Secretary: Lionel Clarke  Treasurer: Ron Goodgame

Meetings: Second Monday 19:30 at The Masons Arms Higher Bore St Bodmin.



Electronic mail

Contact Bodmin Lions:[email protected]

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